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Sunday, Nov 6, 2016

Creating and Using Custom Error Types

Episode 17

We explore the error interface ( more closely and explain how and why to create custom error types that you can pass wherever an error is expected.

We also talk about some best practices in exposing and describing your custom types inside of your libraries and packages.

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Monday, Oct 3, 2016

Nested Tests

Episode 16

This screencast shows you how to use Go’s Subtests feature. Subtests are new in Go 1.7 and can help you write and organize your code much more easily. They can also help you design and build much more powerful unit and integration tests.

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Friday, Aug 12, 2016

Simulating an Internet Cafe

Episode 15

We finish the concurrency series by showing how to solve the “Internet Cafe” problem on Trivial Concurrency Exercises for the Confused Newbie Gopher. The solution we’ll show has a bug, however, and the extended screencast fixes it.

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Sunday, Jul 24, 2016

Building web pages using the html/template package

Episode 14

We show how to do use the the html/template package (and its close sibling, text/template). We pay special attention to templating tasks most common to web development like layouts, blocks and partials.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Using the database/sql package

Episode 13

We briefly describe how to use the database/sql package and show example code on how to do CRUD actions against a SQL databases using the flexible database/sql package.

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Sunday, Jan 17, 2016

Concurrency: Eating Tapas

Episode 12

We describe the problem #2 on Trivial Concurrency Exercises for the Confused Newbie Gopher and then present and detail a solution to the problem.

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Sunday, Jan 3, 2016

Structuring JSON APIs in Go

Episode 11

We show how to structure and build a complete JSON API in a Go server. This screencast explains basic structuring patterns and concepts and includes code for a complete, working server that simulates a management system for a platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

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Sunday, Dec 13, 2015

Concurrency: The Daily Walk

Episode 10

We describe the problem #1 on Trivial Concurrency Exercises for the Confused Newbie Gopher and then present and detail a solution to the problem.

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Sunday, Dec 6, 2015

The Optional Singleton Pattern

Episode 9

We explain what the optional singleton pattern is, how it can make libraries easier to use, and walk through the code for a simple library that uses this pattern.

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Sunday, Nov 22, 2015

Profiling Go Programs

Episode 8

We explain why you should profile your programs, how to do it, and (briefly) how you can improve your code based on your profile results.

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Monday, Nov 16, 2015

Vendoring Your Dependencies

Episode 7

We explain what go get does, and why is isn’t sufficient for dependency management. We also explain what a reproducible build is in Go and why it’s so important, and explain why vendoring achieves reproducible builds. We then introduce Glide and show how we’d vendor the code from episode 6 using the tool.

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Monday, Nov 9, 2015

Writing Unit Tests Against HTTP Handlers

Episode 6

We show how to write unit tests against HTTP handlers. Using an example API server that proxies the Github API using Google’s go-github client library, we outline and show examples of two methods for testing.

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Sunday, Nov 1, 2015

Building Full Stack Web Applications in Go

Episode 5

We explain how to write full featured web applications in Go, which cover a wide variety of topics. We focus on database communication, rendering templates, and client-server communication via APIs.

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Sunday, Oct 25, 2015

Writing Websocket Servers with Gorilla Websockets

Episode 4

We explain what Websockets are and why they matter in modern web development. Then, we show how to build a full featured Websocket server using the gorilla/websocket package.

The example and sample code shows a complete browser-based chat application.

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Saturday, Oct 17, 2015

Writing Webapps With Gorilla Mux

Episode 3

We show how to write more advanced web applications with the gorilla/mux. We walk through example code that implements a complex REST API and highlights many of the features of the library.

This screencast expands on concepts in episode 1, but you don’t need to watch that screencast to understand this one.

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Saturday, Oct 17, 2015

Debugging Go Programs with godebug

Episode 2

We show a semi-complex concurrent program with a bug in it, and then use godebug to find, diagnose and fix it.

We also show a few other examples of bugs and show how to find and fix those.

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Saturday, Oct 3, 2015

Building a RESTful API in Go Using Only the Standard Library

Episode 1

We show how to write a feature-rich RESTful API using only the Go net/http package in the standard library.

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Saturday, Sep 26, 2015

Writing Testable Code and Fast Unit Tests with Mocking

Episode 0

Welcome to the first Go In 5 Minutes screencast!

We show how to write code that is extensible and testable and then how to write fast, correct unit tests against it.

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