What’s This All About?

The Author

I'm Aaron Schlesinger, creator of Go In 5 Minutes. I've been writing Go code for about 4 years. I've gathered best practices, tips and tricks, great packages, and other practical knowledge and best practices on how to write good Go code in the Go way.

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Concise Lessons

You're a busy professional. Instead of reading entire books on the language, use these screencasts to quickly learn focused, relevant topics.

Real, Working Code

Each screencast explains and runs real, working code. And everything is open source on Github.

You're Involved

I use Github to get your feedback. Simply create an issue to request topics for future screencasts, ask questions or start a discussion.

Perfect For All Levels

I teach all things Go in these screencasts, so there's just as much beginner content as advanced. Still not sold? Take 5 minutes to watch the first cast and decide for yourself.